thulium, nickel, crystal structure, single crystal method.

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Belan, B., Dzevenko, M., Gladyshevskii, R., & Daszkiewicz, M. (2022). CRYSTAL STRUCTURE OF THE TmNi5. Ukrainian Chemistry Journal, 88(6), 121-126.


Сrystal structure of the TmNi5 compound has been investigated by means of X-ray single crystal method (Oxford Diffraction X’calibur four-circle diffractometer, MoKα radiation) for the first time: CaCu5-type structure, Pearson symbol hP6, space group P6/mmm, a = 4.8684(12), c = 3.9541(7) Å, R1 = 0.0529, wR2 = 0.1835 for 80 reflections. Similarly to intermetallic compounds with high transition metal content, atoms in the title structure have rather high coordination numbers: 20 for thulium and 12 for nickel.


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