cobalt (II), polyligand complex, composition, stability constant, spectro­photometry.

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Nikitenko, V., Kublanovsky, V., & Yapontseva, Y. (2022). DETERMINATION OF POLYLIGAND COMPLEXES OF COBALT (II) WITH CITRATE AND PYROPHOSPHATE IONS. Ukrainian Chemistry Journal, 88(4), 113-122.


In the work it is shown by the spectrophotometry method that depending on the concentration ratio of ligands [PPi4–]/[Cit3–] in the pyrophosphate-citrate electrolyte, cobalt (II) ions form not only citrate [Co(Cit)2]4– and pyrophosphate [Co(PPi)2]6–, but also polyligand complexes [Co(PPi)m(Cit)n]+2–(4m+3n). The composition of polyligand complexes [Co(PPi)Cit]5– was determined, and the equilibrium constant of the reaction of their formation and the constant of their stability were calculated (pβ=8.47). The dependence of the degree of formation of citrate, polyligand, and pyrophosphate complexes of cobalt (II) in the pyrophosphate-citrate electrolyte on the logarithm of the ratio of equilibrium concentrations of ligands is calculated.


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