Interaction in quasibinary systems based on TlSbP2Se6 and compounds of the Tl2Se-Sb2Se3 system


phase diagram, quasibinary system, eutectic interaction, boundary solid solution.

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Sabov, V., PotorijМ., Kityk, I., Filep, M., & Sabov, M. (2019). Interaction in quasibinary systems based on TlSbP2Se6 and compounds of the Tl2Se-Sb2Se3 system. Ukrainian Chemistry Journal, 85(3), 20-26.


Complex chalcogenides display semiconductor properties. In particular, heavy metal compounds that are formed in the Tl2Se-Sb2Se3 system are good thermoelectric materials. At the same time TlSbP2Se6 compound belongs to the family of hexaseleno-hypodiphosphates, which representatives have a number of interesting properties (optoelectric, non-linear, etc.) in the near infrared range. The combination of these properties in one material causes some scientific and practical interest, therefore our research was aimed to study the nature of the interaction between TlSbP2Se6 and the thermally stable phases of the Tl2Se-Sb2Se3 system in order to find new promising candidate for applications in electronic devices.

The alloys were prepared from corresponding binary, ternary compounds and quaternary TlSbP2Se6 by a direct one-temperature method in evacuated quartz ampoules at temperatures above the melting point of the initial and final products. The initial compounds were synthesized by the reaction of their high purity component elements in stoichiometric proportion.

According to the results of the research, it was found that cross-sections based on TlSbP2Se6 and the thermally stable compounds of the Tl2Se-Sb2Se3 section are quasibinary: Sb2Se3–TlSbP2Se6 and TlSbSe2–TlSbP2Se6. Tl9SbSe6 – TlSbP2Se6 and Tl2Se - TlSbP2Se6 systems are not quasibinary, instead quasibinary sections Tl2Se-Tl4P2Se6 and Tl9SbSe6-Tl4P2Se6 which crossing their.

The phase equilibrium in Sb2Se3 – TlSbP2Se6 and TlSbSe2 – TlSbP2Se6 systems were studied by common differential thermal analysis (DTA), X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) and microstructure analysis. The eutectic interactions are observed in both systems. The invariant points coordinates are: 77 mol.% TlSbP2Se6, 709 K (system Sb2Se3 – TlSbP2Se6) and 45 mol.% TISbSe2, 680 K (system TlSbSe2 – TlSbP2Se6). Significant boundary solid solutions are formed on the basis of the quaternary compound. Their region extends up to 10 mol% in the system Sb2Se3 – TlSbP2Se6 and to about 18 mol.% in the system TlSbSe2 –TlSbP2Se6 at annealing temperature (573 К). Near the Sb2Se3 and TlSbSe2, the solubility limits do not exceed several mol.%.


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