solid solution, lithium-sodium-lanthanum titanate, perovskite, complex impedance, colossal permittivity.

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Plutenko, T., V’yunov, O., Fedorchuk, O., Yanchevskii, O., & Belous, A. (2021). THE SYNTHESIS IMPACT ON DIELECTRIC PROPERTIES OF La0.5Li0.5-xNaxTiO3. Ukrainian Chemistry Journal, 87(5), 15-24.


Using X-ray powder, diffraction the sequence of reactions occurring during the synthesis La0.5Li0.5-xNaxTiO3 by solid-state reaction technique has been determined. Using electron microscopy it has been shown that the grain size decreases with increasing x in La0.5Li0.5-xNaxTiO3 system. The influence of the grain size of ceramics on the dielectric characteristics has been indicated. The frequency dependences of permittivity and dielectric loss tangent have been investigated by ac impedance spectroscopy. It has been established that ceramic sample of La0.5Li0.4Na0.1TiO3 solid solution has the largest value of permittivity ɛ > 104 at wide frequency range (1–104 Hz) in La0.5Li0.5-xNaxTiO3 system.


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