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Pershina, K., & Perynska, N. (2021). THE EUROPEAN FEDERATION OF ACADEMIES OF SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES (ALLEA). Ukrainian Chemistry Journal, 87(4), 137-156.


The history of creation, development, and activity of the European Federation of Acade­mies of Sciences and Humanities (ALLEA) is given in the review. The initial main goal of this organization was to promote cooperation in research between Eastern and Western Europe after the end of the Cold War, to create a legal basis for cooperation between scientists for cross-border cooperation between European academies, which eventually became a powerful system that changes world science. During its existence since 1992, the European Federation of Academies of Natural Sciences and Humanities has become a powerful scientific, social, and economic force that impacts not only the development of European science but also the processes in society. The shift of the ideo­logy of the organization in the humanitarian field strengthening such impact, and provides for full interaction with society. Recent projects by ALLEA, one of the four European scientific associations, are closely linked to legislative action, the development of public confidence in science, and scientific experience. Recently, the confrontation of misinformation, which is the main factor in the violation of basic democra­tic values, to which the federation pays special attention. ALLEA’s current strategic priorities focus on ethical values, which are the basis for building a common European research policy. And the SAPEA project has established ano­ther mechanism to combat violations of Euro­pean values and democratic principles not only in science but also in politics.


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