β-diketonates, complexes, ytterbium, phenanthroline, luminescent properties.

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Ivakha , N., Berezhnytska, O., Rohovtsov , O., Rusakova , N., & Trunova, O. (2021). MONO- AND MIXED- LIGAND COMPLEXES OF Yb(III) WITH NEW β-DIKETONES. Ukrainian Chemistry Journal, 87(2), 65-76.


New ytterbium (III) compounds with β-diketones (2,7-dimethyl-octene-1-dione-3,5 and 2,6-dimethylheptene-1-dione-3,5) and their derivatives with phenanthroline have been synthesized. The composition and chemical structure of the obtained complexes have been determined by several Phy­sico-chemical investigations. It has been shown, that the Yb (III) ion coordinates three ligand molecules and the coordination sphere of the complexes is supplemented by two mole­cules of water or a molecule of phenanthroline. It has been shown that the СN of the ytterbium ion is 8, the coordination polyhedron is a square antiprism, and the complex is characte­rized by no cubic symmetry. All synthesized compounds exhibit intense IR luminescence. The significant increase in the relative emission intensity of mixed ligand complexes is due to the additional antenna effect of the phenanthroline molecule.


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