acetophenone, chalcone, α, β-dibromo ketone, pyrazole.

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Mamedov, I., Shikhaliyeva, I., & Mamedova, Y. (2021). STUDYING THE REACTION ROUTE OF α, β-DIBROMO KETONE AT PRESENCES OF SOME AMINES. Ukrainian Chemistry Journal, 87(1), 51-58.


Bromo-chalcone with containing thiene ring by the reaction of selective de­hyd­ro­bromination of α, β-dibromo ketone at presences of different amines in benzene solution and α-ethoxy-β-bromo-ketone in etha­no­lic solution in good yields were prepared. α, β-Dibromo ketone with the reaction of thiosemicarbazide le­ad to the formation of new pyrazole derivative.


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