aminomethanesulfonic acids, aqueous solutions, hydrolysis, conductivity.

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Khoma, R., Ennan, A., Chebotaryov, A., Vodzinskii, S., Dlubovskii, R., & Toporov, S. (2020). ELECTROCHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF AQUEOUS SOLUTIONS OF SODIUM AMINOMETHANESULFONATES. Ukrainian Chemistry Journal, 86(11), 51-64. https://doi.org/10.33609/2708-129X.86.11.2020.51-64


The pH and conductometric study of the electrochemical properties of aqueous solutions (1∙10-4 ÷ 9∙10-3 М) YNHCH2SO3Na (Y = H, CH3, HOCH2CH2, (CH3)3C and C6H5CH2) was carried out. The values of the limiting electrical conductivity were calculated by extrapolation according to Shidlovsky. The activation parameters of the electrical conductivity of the systems “sodium aminomethanesulfonate – H2O” at 293-313 K were obtained.



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