titanium dioxide, surface properties, electrolyte, solid electrolyte interface, quasi-equilibrium voltage

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Globa, N., Lisnycha, T., Shmatok, Y., Sirosh, V., & Kirillov, S. (2020). STRUCTURAL, SURFACE AND ELECTROCHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF TiO2 FOR LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES. Ukrainian Chemistry Journal, 86(9), 14-27.


The paper presents structural, surface, thermodynamic and kinetic characteristics of titanium dioxide samples obtained by means of alkaline hydrolysis of TiCl4 by LiOH solutions and further heat treatment. TiO2 samples have the anatase structure with crystallite size of 7–10 nm. An increase in the heat treatment temperature from 150 °C to 470 °C leads to a decrease in the specific surface area from 404 to 80 m2/g and the total pore volume from 0.340 to 0.152 cm3/g. The influence of electrolyte composition and surface properties of TiO2 on its behavior in cells with lithium anode investigated by means of galvanostatic cycling and impedance spectroscopy is discussed.


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