6,7-dihydroxy-4-methyl-2-phenylchromenylium; molybdenum(VI); com-plexation; spectrophotometry

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Chebotarev, A., Barbalat, D., Guzenko, O., Zherebko, M., & Snigur, D. (2020). COMPLEXATION OF MOLIBDENUM(VI) WITH 6,7-DIHYDROXY-4-METHYL-2-PHENYLCHROMENYLIUM AND ITS HALOGEN DERIVATIVES IN SOLUTIONS. Ukrainian Chemistry Journal, 86(3), 26-34.


It was determined the chemico-analytical characteristics and composition of the complexes formed in the Mo(VI)–DOCh systems. The composition of the complexes (Mo(VI):DOCh = 1:2) was found by spectrophotometric methods (molar ratios, equilibrium shift). A probable complex chemistry was proposed based on a combination of spectrophotometric and mass- spectrometric data. It was shown that the MoO22+ cation acts as a complexing agent, and the ligand enters into the reaction in the form of an anhydrobase. It was found, that halogen-containing derivatives of MPDOCh form more intensely colored and stable complexes with Mo (VI) than MPDOCh, and the optimal pH of complexation shifts to a more acidic region. The study of the complexation of molybdenum(VI) with 6,7-dihydroxy-4-methyl-2-phenylchrome-nilium (MPDOCh) and its chlorine and bromine derivatives containing a halogen atom in 4th position in phenyl ring was shown that  MoO22+ cation acts as a complexing agent, and the ligand involved into reaction in the form of an anhydrobase. The analytical characteristics of the resulting complexes were determined, and it was also noted that the halogen derivatives of MPDOCh form more intensely colored  and  stable  complexes  with  Mo(VI).


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