phase equilibria, lanthanum, lutetium, solid solutions, lattice parameters

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Chudinovych , O., & Zhdanyuk, N. (2020). INTERACTION OF LANTHANE AND LUTETIUM AT TEMPERATURE 1500–1600°C. Ukrainian Chemistry Journal, 86(3), 19-25.


Materials based on La2O3–Lu2O3 system are promising candidates for a wide range of applications, but the phase relationship has not been studied systematically previously. To address this challenge, the subsection of the phase diagram for 1500 and 1600 °C have been elucidated. The samples of different compositions have been prepared from nitrate acid solutions by evaporation, drying and heat treatment at 1100, 1500 and 1600 °C. The phase relations in the binary La2O3–Lu2O3 system at 1500 and 1600 °C were studied from the heat treated samples using X-ray diffraction analysis and scanning electron microscopy in the overall concentration range. The X–ray analysis of the samples was performed by powder method using DRON-3 at room temperature (CuKa radiation). It was established that in the binary La2O3–Lu2O3 system there exist fields of solid solutions based on hexagonal (A) modification of La2O3, cubic (C) modification of Lu2O3, and with perovskite–type structure of LaLuO3 (R) with rhombic distortions. The systematic study that covered whole composition range excluded formation of new phases. The systematic study that covered whole composition range excluded formation of new phases. The boundaries of mutual solubility and concentration dependences the lattice parameters for all phases have been determined. The solubility of Lu2O3 in the hexagonal А–lanthanum modification is ~ 9 mol. % at 1500 and 1600 °С. The solubility of La2O3 in the cubic C–Lu2O3 is ~ 4 mol. % at 1500 and 7 mol. % at 1600 °С.


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